Why Choose us ?

At No.8 we aim to cater you with a high-end residential catalogue along with a premium range of property.

Our establishment is constantly seeking for modern and suitable references while working with real estate agents, financial partners and mortgage advisors ensuring a trustworthy and beneficial investment for you. Moreover, we as an experienced company firmly take into account the importance of quality listings for our clients and a pipeline of ready-to-go properties.

The smoothest possible experience is provided to you by No.8 while enforcing world-class standards and quality control. You or your business have the liberty of experiencing an exceptional service when it comes to the sale of your property. Our expertise in the industry allows us to go above and beyond for ensuring the most suitable and premium property for your business.

We take great pride in that extra mile we go, for our clientele while also providing expertise along with property valuation reports from RP Data to get a sale over the line. By consistently being active and updated on the market and its trends we have constant access to new properties and a span of industry experts to help you in every step of the way in various aspects.

We guarantee that our clients are made priority with up-to-date communication and a personal level of trust you may not have experienced elsewhere.